Our Ethical and Sustainable Practices

We firmly believe in a world where we look after each other, and our planet. 

We want to produce products where every component has been carefully considered. From the inks, threads and fabrics used, their impact to people and the planet is considered. to the packaging and postal method. 

We want to break the fast fashion cycle and produce timeless, high quality designs to be loved and lived in through the coming decades rather than them ending up in landfill after just one wear.  

Production and Supply Chain

We firmly believe in small batch production, made by hand-picked small companies. We promise to be open and honest about our supply chain. We’ve got nothing to hide from you. 

All our producers have been hand-picked by us based on the quality of their craftsmanship, positive attitudes towards environmentally friendly practices, high moral and social standards.   

Fabrics, dyes and inks

We choose fabrics based on their sustainable and ethical credentials. We are huge fans of natural fibres, as they are kinder to the skin and the planet. Our embroidery and printing is done locally to FP HQ, in the South West in a facility powered by renewable energy. 

The embroidery threads used are dyed using water and heat energy recovery for climate neutral dying and are OKEO-TEX standard 100 certified.  

The inks used for printing are GOTS certified and ECO-PASSPORT by Okeo-Tex certified. They are also water based formulas which means they do not require harmful chemicals to clean up after the printing. 

 Post and Packaging

We ship using the Royal Mail. The familiar red van of our national postal service is almost as British as afternoon teas and beefeaters and we are proud to support the network of over 85,000 posties who pound our streets 6 days a week, delivering our post. 

Royal Mail also has the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel of any major UK delivery company, as well as some ambitious sustainability targets. 

To prevent further plastic pollution, all our packaging materials are plastic free. We choose to use materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable. You can read more about the best way to dispose of your packing materials here.


We believe that bankers and the institutions they work for are huge silent forces in the world. Banks use our money to invest in/lend to a range of organisations, so we see using an ethical bank as an opportunity to support those who have a positive impact on the planet and society. We choose to bank with an establishment who don’t invest in fossil fuels, weapons, deforestation or tobacco. 


Standard waste is reused or recycled wherever possible. 

Pieces that do not pass our quality control tests are sold as seconds sporadically throughout the year to minimise waste. Those we cannot sell are passed to our recycling partner who recycle them to be used as carpet underlay or insulation.