About Us

Flora Percival is born from frustration with the current ‘fashion’ model.

One size fits all. Instant gratification. Quantity over quality. Profit over people and planet.

Grown on the Somerset Levels -  Our Values

Call us old fashioned, but we have some values that we don’t compromise on.

We believe in style over fashion. Something that is a way of life not a trend. 

We believe in community, sustainability, safety, heritage and family. 

And last by not least, we believe in Backing British - farming and manufacturing both run deep in our national history and we want to honour that. 


People, Planet and Product

We’ve become a society of over consumers. Where we can order something from the comfort of our bed and it be on our doorstep the next morning. 

People matter. The planet matters. And now, both are hurting.

We find ourselves, as a global population, hit by more bouts of extreme weather, the coat tails of a global pandemic and rising global tensions. Everyone and everything we know is in jeopardy.

We need to remember what it means to look after each other. To remember where products come from - people. People just like you, me, our friends and our families. Living, breathing beings who have a right to a decent wage and a safe workplace. 

Whether it is a dress or a loaf of bread there have been many hands involved and all of those people deserve the same rights no matter where in the world they live. 

Those people don’t just cast a spell and produce goods from thin air - the planet and hard work provide them one way or another, in the same way the planet has to deal with it when we decide we don’t need it anymore. Generations of more is better, over consumption and companies putting profit first means a huge glut of inferior, poor quality goods polluting our air, land and sea. 

We want to reset the clock on how we think about clothing. To bring back quality craftsmanship. To be proud our name is stitched into the label. For our customers to be proud of the company we are and our ethical beliefs. Nothing changes if people don’t stand up for what they believe in.