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Flora Percival

Wool Pots

Wool Pots

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Wool Pots offer a biodegradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic plant pots. We are reducing the amount of single use plastic in horticulture by using 100% natural wool.

Sheep eat grass and grow wool, each year they are shorn to keep them cool in summer they then eat grass and produce more wool.

Sheep walk around our hills and dales keeping the grass down and fertilising future grass growth as they go. There are no chemicals involved, no intensive farming processes and wool is the natural by product.
You dig a hole and pop the whole pot into it and after it’s protected the plant it turns into delicious bio rich food, whilst protecting your plant from slugs and helping retain water.

Our pots are woven from raw washed wool so there are no chemicals and minimal biodegradable packaging

 The details

  • 100% British Wool
  • Made in the Egypt 
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